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Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Systems
Arrow ACAT 1 Plus IABP

ACAT 1 Plus

Pump System
Part No. Brief Description
VARR IAP0100 Arrow ACAT 1 Plus IABP System & Standard Accessories

ACAT™1 PLUS Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump
  • Microprocessor-based system architecture
  • Modular system consisting of display/control module and pneumatic drive unit
  • AC requirements: 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz.
  • Avg. power consumption: 225 watts.
  • Max. power consumption: 420 watts
  • Battery operating time: two-hour minimum with full charge (optional four-hour minimum)
  • Battery recharging time: 80% in four hours from full discharge (additional two hours with second battery)
Mechanical Dimensions
  • Control module with monitor:
    9-1/4" high (23.5cm) x 13-3/4" wide (35cm) x 2" deep (5cm)
  • Pneumatic drive unit:
    28" high (71cm) x 12" wide (30.5cm) x 20" deep (51cm)
Mechanical Weight
  • Control module: 5 lbs. (2.27 kg)
  • Pneumatic drive unit: 86 lbs. (39.09 kg)
  • Total Weight: 91 lbs.
  • Drive system:Stepper motor-driven bellows
  • Drive gas: USP-grade helium
  • Helium tank: Disposable canister (500 psi) or refillable (2200 or 2900psi) HZL size cylinders
  • Pumping volume: 0.5 cc.-50 cc., adjustable in 0.5-cc. increments
  • Counterpulsation rate: 40-200 pulsations/minute
Condensation Removal
  • Thermoelectric system removes moisture continuously from pneumatic system without interrupting counterpulsation.
Trigger modes
    Microprocessor-based waveform trigger detection algorithms
  • Pacer (APACE, VPACE):
    Pulse width 0.1-0.5 ms and pulse amplitude =>+ 5 mV
    Pulse width => 0.5 ms and pulse amplitude =>+ 2 mV
  • Arterial pressure (AP): Microprocessor-based waveform trigger detection algorithms
  • Internal (INT): Default to 80 bpm; adjustable 40-120 bpm
  • Filtering: Diathermy, 50/60 Hz notch, 25 Hz low pass
  • Type: High resolution color LCD flat screen
  • Channels:
    Three-channel multicolor waveforms ECG: green trace with highlighted white on assisted portion
  • Arterial pressure: red trace calibrated for direct reading of arterial pressure, highlighted white on assisted portions
  • Balloon pressure: Blue trace calibrated in mmHg
  • Timing reference display: Bar graph displays inflate/deflate events as well as numerical timing settings
  • Cursor: Measurement of AP and BPW waveforms
Alphanumeric Data
  • Patient hemodynamics: (heart rate, arterial pressure, peak systolic pressure, peak diastolic pressure, end diastolic pressure, mean arterial pressure, optional BPW)
  • Operations status: (helium tank pressure, alarm/battery charge status)
  • Diagnostic alarm/help messages: (preprogrammed troubleshooting prompts/help)
Inflation/deflation timing
  • ECG:
    Inflation, 20-80% of R-R interval
    Deflation, 30-120% of R-R interval
  • Arterial pressure:
    Inflation, 0-35% of R-R interval
    Deflation, 35-75% of R-R interval
  • Atrial fibrillation: Inflation 80-430 ms after previous Deflation on R-wave
Strip Chart Recorder
  • Recorder:
    Dual-channel dot matrix; dot density 400 dots/inch, 25mm/sec.
  • Waveforms: ECG, arterial pressure, or balloon pressure (one or two recorded)
  • Alphanumeric: Date, time, patient hemodynamics, trigger mode, assist ratio, balloon volume, ECG lead, alarm condition Quality assurance log data
Display Freeze
  • Freezes approximately seven seconds of patient data on screen.

Note: Additional system specifications available from Mayo Healthcare upon request. Specifications subject to change without notice.

  The ACAT®1 PLUS Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump
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